Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Steal Emma Stone's makeup for prom

Prom may be a few months off, but that doesn't mean it isn't time to try out certain makeup trends to see which one to go with for the big day. According to Elle Girl Magazine, fair ladies might want to steal the look the lovely Emma Stone rocked while attending the Critic's Choice Awards.

Stone was ravishing in her cosmetics which included the right amount of sparkle, fresh dewy skin and gorgeous red lipstick.

According to the source, ladies would be lucky to look this good at their proms and achieving the stylish star's makeup is actually quite easy.

First, primp your eyes with either a nude toned eyeshadow or concealer - this helps to prevent any smudging that might occur from all that dancing. Next, find a shimmering light metallic eyeshadow in hues like lavender or pale blue. Apply the product with makeup brushes lightly, as the drama is meant to come from her bold eyeliner, not the shadow.

Next it's time to apply the show-stopper - thick eyeliner in a surprising color such as emerald green. reports that ladies should use different hues depending on their eye color to help make them pop. Apply the product thickly on the top and bottom lids from corner to corner. Add a touch of blush to your cheeks and a bold pink or red lipstick to finish off this prom-worthy look.

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