Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Style like a star this holiday season

Let's face it, most of us gain advice on fashion and beauty tricks from the celebrities. These women have the best resources of all - professional makeup artists and stylists, which is why they are such good fashion role models. Since it is the season for looking fabulous from head-to-toe, InStyle Magazine recently broke down some of its favorite star looks that ladies may want to rock to those countless holiday parties.

January Jones surprising navy smokey eye makeup
The gorgeous January Jones always looks stunning, though she stepped it up a notch when she rocked a gorgeous navy smokey eye during one of her red carpet appearances. The makeup artist behind the look broke down its conception.

"I wanted her whole look to have a dramatic high fashion feel to it, not passive, but of real intentional glamour," the artist told the magazine. "I created a powerful indigo smoky eye paired with soft berry-stained lips."

For a similar style, start by finding a gorgeous navy eyeshadow with a bit of shimmer. First swipe a gray color on your top lids and then apply the blue shade, pushing it out past the brow lines on top and on bottom. The style is sure to make a memorable impression on that cute guy you've been crushing on.

Be shimmery like Zooey
The adorable and quirky Zooey Deschanel is known for highlighting her beaming blue eyes and ladies with a similar shade should take notice. She rocked a perfect winter look recently and it had to do with tons of shimmer.

You can achieve a similar style by purchasing a light silver eyeshadow with tons of shimmer it in. When you find the perfect hue, swipe it on your top lids up to the crease lines, at the inner corners of your eyes and under your bottom lids. The soft color will create an almost halo effect around your baby blues. Enhance the peepers even more by applying a true black eyeliner in a thin line on your bottom lids and a thicker version on top. Finish the style with volumizing mascara.

Add that metallic touch like Lea Michele
"Glee" star Lea Michele has certainly strayed from her character's style while rocking the red carpet. The actress has been playing up her sassy and grown up side and many are taking notice. One of her best looks to date was a true metallic smokey eye.

For this look, find a black eyeshadow and a metallic gold or silver color. Swipe the dark hue on your top lids, then go back over it with the gold or silver. Place a bit more of the metallic shade at your inner corners for that sought-after "wow" factor.

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