Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Taking the Hunger Games from the pages to your face

Katniss Everdeen might cringe at being featured for her makeup in Allure magazine, but part of the glory of fictional characters is we can talk about them as much as we want. With the Hunger Games film premiere less than two months away, hype over the books-turned-movie is on overdrive, and Katniss's makeup in the movie is no exception.

In the recently-released photo of Katniss and fellow tribute Peeta Mellark dressed to impress (and be set on fire) in the opening ceremonies of the Games, Allure reports that her smoldering makeup is easy for even those of us girls who are not on fire.

The news source reports that Katniss is wearing orange eyeshadow to create a "flare" in the outer corners, then lined her peepers with black cream eyeliner. She is also wearing false lashes for drama.

Her cheeks were highlighted in gold to give her entire makeup palette a glowing look. Her bronzey pink lip gloss adds just enough shimmer while maintaining Katniss's - ahem, actress Jennifer Lawrence's - natural beauty. 

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