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Traditional dress makes a comeback in Mexico

Traditional clothing is the latest inspiration for fashion in Mexico. Long, loose tunics known as huipiles have become the latest craze, and many designers are taking the traditional dresses to a new level with modern twists, according to The Associated Press.

Huipiles are typically made with brightly colored patterns and designs, and the modern renditions are not holding back on bright colors. What designers such as Malinali and Paulina Fosado have done is used silk and other softer materials than the traditional cotton and wool to make the dresses flow more naturally, the news source reports. They have also been designed to bare more skin and appeal to a new generation of women.

"We began to see how people were reassessing Indian art," one designer told the AP. "Before, if you were to put something indigenous on, they would ask you, 'Why would you wear that?' now, it's in style."

The latest fashion show in Mexico revealed vibrant patterns of flowers, birds and shapes that pop and make choosing the colors of the makeup and eyeshadow palette a much easier job. With so many colors in each dress, nearly any eyeshadow will be sure to complement the look perfectly.

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