Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Try multi-colored eyeliner if you dare

Being able to rock new fashions and wear the latest trends in makeup are some of the best parts of being a girl. One new makeup style to try is double eyeliner, Glamour Magazine reports. That's right, wearing multiple colors of eyeliner in order to create a look that is understated, yet surprising.

Gorgeous Victoria's Secret model Bregje Heinen was the first seen rocking this style as of late and ladies definitely need to try it, as it works for any season and for most occasions. To start, you'll need black liquid eyeliner as well as a metallic silver pencil. A beige or light gold eyeshadow is also a must.

The first step in achieving this sassy style is to apply eye primer on the top lids to keep the eyeshadow in this look in its proper place. After about a minute, spread the eyeshadow on your top lids up to your brow bone lines. Next, start to apply the black liquid liner on your top lids, having the product go out thicker as you work your way to the brow lines. Extend the liner past the brow lines a bit for a modern cat eye style. Once you feel the black on top is thick enough, it's time to add in the silver. Start on top with the product, beginning at the center of the lid and running it down toward the inner corners. Then connect the hue on bottom and spread the liner out to the center of the bottom lids, matching up with the placement on your top lids. Finish off the eyes with tons of volumizing mascara.

InStyle Magazine reports A-list stars like Emma Stone have been known to rock multi-colored eyeliners. Stone famously wore aquamarine eyeliner on her bottom lids and deep chocolate brown liner on her top lids while attending the Hollywood premiere of her hit film "Easy A."

Because you'll want the focus to remain on your eyes, Glamour suggests keeping the rest of your face simple. A touch of pink lipstick on your pout and bare cheeks or a touch of sun-kissed bronzer will work perfectly.

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