Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Try this: Unique eyeliner tricks from Fashion Week

Eyeliner is pretty straightforward when it comes to all the cosmetics out there - you use it to line your eyes. Right? Wrong, according to the makeup artists at Fashion Week in New York recently. These makeup trendsetters thought outside the box - or the eyelid - when designing the models' eye makeup this year.

The models from Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. show had one of the most interesting makeup ideas. In a quirky, unique take on the cat eye, the models wore a thick line along the upper lash line with a slight wing at the outer corner. Then, there was a second line drawn at the crease in the same color pencil. The models also had lashes drawn on their lower eyelids with eyeliner, but you can skip this if you're trying it in real life.

Another funky use of eyeliner was seen on the models in the Rebecca Taylor show. These girls wore eyeliner in shades of black and navy, but the way it was applied was something totally new. Instead of lining the entire eye, this makeup artist only applied the product to the outer and inner corners - the middle of the top and bottom eyelid is bare. 

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