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Work it like Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of the top superstar performers of this generation, from her bubblegum love songs to her more heartfelt breakup and female empowerment songs, this diva has proved she's certainly got it going on. Part of what makes her such an icon to ladies young and old is her ability to play with fashion and makeup trends without fear. Although many of her zany costumes and makeup looks are her own ideas, she does of course have a team of experts who help her see her dreams come to life. Seventeen Magazine recently spoke with one elite member of her team, her makeup artist.

According to the makeup guru, Perry's style has evolved for the better, as she used to be more all over the place and is now all about glamour and looking polished. His favorite style for Perry? Glossy lips and blended eye makeup.

"My favorite lip to do on her is a glossy lip, but she prefers more of a matte finish. So, it's rare when I can sneak a gloss in," the artist told the magazine. "I like to do smoky eyes - I prefer eye makeup with blurred and blended edges. A smoky eye is sexy on everyone."

When asked what red carpet look was his favorite for Perry, he opened up that it was a recent one - the Hollywood premiere of her hit documentary "Part of Me." The diva wowed in a true old Hollywood-inspired look, complete with red lips and va-va-voom eyes.

"I loved the red carpet moment from the Los Angeles premiere of her movie Part of Me," the makeup artist told the publication. "We were in Hollywood at a historic theater so the look was old Hollywood glamour from head to toe. Appropriate in every right."

Perry may be a mega superstar, but according to her makeup artist, her makeup product must haves are actually quite average and ladies everywhere can easily rock the signature Perry look.

"[A signature Perry style starts needs] a brow pencil, false lashes, and a bright, matte lip. Use the brow pencil to define your natural brow into a strong classically arched shape. False lashes add fun and glamour to any look," the artist tells fans in the magazine. "I always suggest buying a cheap pair and practice, practice, practice. If you need to cut them to fit your eye, always cut from the outer corner before applying and let the lash glue cure for 30 seconds before applying. The lips should be defined with a coordinating lip pencil and filled in with the lipstick. I always say it's just makeup - it will wipe off. So have fun and experiment!"

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