Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Zoe Saldana plays peek-a-boo at CFDA awards

Zoe Saldana proved she is one hot tamale as she arrived at the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) awards ceremony in a gorgeous and daring peek-a-boo gown. The stunning actress must have done some extra crunches to get ready to wear this showy number.

Saldana kept her cosmetics just as bold and dark as her fabulous frock. The actress applied a red lipstick with chocolate brown undertones on her lips and added lip gloss for that extra shine. She kept her cheeks simple with just a touch of bronzer using makeup brushes and really played up her eye makeup. Saldana started by rimming her top and bottom lids in jet-black eyeliner and spread the product out thicker on top using a blending brush, pushing it out past her brow lines. She also added a metallic copper color underneath the black on the bottom lids and used the same eyeshadow color on her top lids, mixed in with a charcoal shade for major drama.

The intense makeup worked perfectly with her gown that had black fabric covering her shoulder and chest as well the upper portion of her legs. The rest of the dress consisted of cutouts with sheer black material covering the gaps, the sheer fabric also made the skirt of the dress past her hips, revealing her long, lean legs.  

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