Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Are you in a beauty rut?

It happens to the best of us - we find ourselves reaching for the same cosmetics every day, afraid - or maybe too lazy - to branch out and try something new. We are all creatures of habit in some way or another, but if you think you are in a beauty rut, here are some ways to pull yourself out. Do it in honor of the refreshing spring season!

Eyeliner is one of the easiest ruts to get stuck in. Many girls started with brown or black in junior high and are still rocking it. Trouble is, it probably looks less rockin' than it once did, since you wear it every day. Have some fun and mix it up by wearing a jewel tone like navy or eggplant on your upper lid. Or, wear a neutral and try out a cat-eye flick at the outer corner of your eye.

Eyeshadow is another rut that many girls find themselves in. Wearing neutrals is a good way to look natural, but not always the best way to bring out your gorgeous eyes. Take some time to explore the more daring colors of your eyeshadow palette - even if that only means dipping your blending brush into a mauve when you normally wear taupe. Cheap makeup palettes make it easy to experiment with different colors and blend them into something you feel comfortable with. Another gentle transition into new territory is to wear a shimmery gold or bronze eyeshadow when you normally wear neutrals.

Palette cosmetics are also helpful to get out of a lip color rut. Have you been swiping on the same Chapstick since 6th grade? Time to revamp your lip wear for a bit more of a sophisticated look. Applying color from a lip palette is the perfect way to get a new color and just enough shine. 

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