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Avoid mascara mishaps

Let's face it, being gorgeous and looking fresh is actually a lot of hard work. No matter how patient or good you are at applying makeup, there are some trouble areas divas always have. One of the most annoying and prevalent problems makeup gurus face is mascara residue. Luckily, the sassy Lauren Conrad has come to your defense, as she recently discussed how to avoid and get rid of this issue on her blog, The Beauty Department.

What is mascara residue?

Some ladies out there may have this problem without even knowing it, so to break it down, mascara residue occurs when you're applying the product on your top and bottom lids and in the process, it gets into your water lines and eventually into your eyes. Not only does this create a major makeup faux pas, but it can also cause irritation in your eyes throughout the day - something no diva wants.

How to clean up your act

Now that you understand the problem, let's discuss the ways to clean it up. According to LC, apply your eye makeup as usual, getting deep in the roots with the mascara for a fuller look. Once you've finished your stellar eyes, get a Q-tip and rim your inner water lines with it. Start at either corner and then sweep the cotton swab across the eye gently, all the way to the other corner. This quick and easy step will save you aggravation as well as your eyes from burning and turning red in front of that cute guy at your summer job.

Glamour Magazine also suggests certain techniques that can curb mascara residue even more. The experts recommend ladies use a mascara primer beforehand to help keep the product in place. It can also be helpful to apply the product in a certain manner each time. The best way to achieve an even application is to make one clean sweep from the roots to the tips of the lashes, while more sophisticated ladies can try a vertical application. To achieve the latter look, hold your mascara wand vertically and paint each lash from root to tip - this way helps build more volume for a dramatic look. Using an eyelash curler after this technique can totally enhance your lashes even more. 

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