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Be bold this New Year's Eve through your cosmetics

With the new movie New Year's Eve set to hit theaters nationwide soon, ladies may be wondering what they should wear and where they should go when the clock strikes midnight this year. Although outfits and destinations are important, women should never forget to find the right cosmetics for the special occasion.

According to InStyle magazine, there are certain trends right now that are perfect for any holiday party or get together.

Ladies who will be rocking one of the seasons hottest trends - metallic dresses - should look no further than dark neutrals for their makeup. The magazine reports that if your ensemble consists of fun metallics, than your eye makeup should too. So if you have a dress in metallic gold, look for neutrals in a similar shade and make sure it has a bit of sparkle, after all, it is the holidays. After you find a shade you like, apply the hue along your entire upper lid and smudge it a bit to evenly disperse it. Adding false lashes and jet-black mascara can really give any girl that va-va-voom effect. Because the eyes are the focal point in the look, keep the lips simple - a touch of lip gloss or a natural shade of lipstick should do the trick. Add a warm bronzer to the rest of your face to help play up the tones in the dress and your complexion.

"I always choose bronzer one shade deeper than the complexion to add dimension," makeup artist Sam Fine told the publication. "I love to contour the forehead, cheeks and sides of the nose."

Another popular seasonal trend is peach-toned cheeks. For ladies that prefer to look natural, even during the holidays, this look may be the best option. The magazine reports that you don't always need to pile on all of the colors in your 120 eye shadow palette to look your best. Sometimes understated is actually more attractive. Aside from the appealing light hues pastels offer, they can also add a bit of surprise to your look, making you stand out, as most people don't associate these shades with the drab winter months.

To achieve this look, first find a blush palette in a peach tone. If possible find one that offers more than one color so you have options. Once you find the "it" color, apply it along your cheekbones with make up brushes - use the one that works best. For the eye makeup in this option all you'll need is a fabulous mascara and false lashes. Add a touch of neutral lip gloss to finish off this fresh faced look.

For ladies who like to walk on the wild side, the makeup look of choice for New Year's Eve may be dramatic pink lips. According to the magazine, red lipstick is the obvious choice for most women around the holidays, so to be different, fashion-forward ladies are going for shades of bold pink instead. First, consider your dress to make sure this look will work - gowns in neutrals are best. Next, find interesting lipstick shades like violet, hot pink or even an eggplant hue and test them to select the one you feel the most confident in. Because the lips are the focal point in this look, the news outlet suggests sticking to a touch of eyeliner and a simple eyeshadow in shades like brown or black. A touch of bronzer on your cheeks will ensure you look your best.

Whatever makeup trends you choose to adhere by this holiday season, your cosmetics are sure to help you stand out among the crowds. 

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