Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Be bold with your under eye makeup

In most beauty statements, the star of the show is typically either the lips or the top eyelids. However, one area that may need some more attention is the under eye, and Lauren Conrad recently proved why.

The gorgeous fashion blogger, author and former reality TV darling took to her blog, The Beauty Department, to discuss a gorgeous new trend, which she has dubbed "the underlid pop."

For this sensational look, you'll need a few products, including black and bold turquoise-toned eyeliners, a shimmering taupe-colored eyeshadow and your favorite mascara.

After you have gathered all of the materials, it's time to start the transition that is sure to make your friends green with envy - literally. Start with the star of the show, the turquoise liner, by swiping it on your bottom lash line extending it out a bit past your outer corners for an under eye cat-eye vibe. Feel free to go over the line once or twice for a more dramatic feel.

Once the color is popping off your face, you can begin working on the top lids. Grab the shimmering taupe shadow and a brush and swipe the product all over your lids and past the crease lines - stopping about a half-inch before your brow lines. Spread the color out further than your brow lines at the outer corners, so it matches up with the turquoise hue on bottom.

Next, apply a thin layer of black eyeliner on your top lids - getting deep into the roots of your lashes. Keep the line on your lid - do not apply it out past your brow lines, as this will take away from the bright hue on bottom.

When the top and bottom colors are just right, apply mascara on your top and bottom lashes - LC chose to make her model's lashes have the spider effect for extra sass, though you can apply the volumizing product any way you like.

What to do with your cheeks and lips
The surprising pop of color on your under lash lines is meant to garner all the attention in this look, so you'll want to keep the rest of your makeup minimal. LC suggests a light pink or pale peach-toned product on your cheeks that will work to soften up your complexion.

A similar color palette should be used on your lips. Try either a muted pink lipstick or even a clear gloss with a bit of shimmer to look put together, rather than over the top.

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