Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Beauty mistakes to beware of

Most ladies don't view their makeup routine as scary or stressful, however there are certain rules that girls need to know when it comes to application and storing certain products to avoid catastrophe. Seventeen Magazine recently spoke with makeup artist Mai Quynh who broke down the top mistakes to keep at bay and they go way beyond rocking glitter or too much bronzer.

Heavy makeup

Let's face it ladies, part of being young is keeping up with the youthful look teens naturally have. However, despite having perfect glowing skin, many young girls are guilty of applying way too much makeup and Quynh says this is a major no-no. Luckily there are ways to avoid looking too overdone or like you recently graduated from clown school.

To rock the perfect style this school year, start by finding a light tinted moisturizer to use instead of a thicker foundation. This will not only offer your skin a lovely glow, but won't weigh you down or clog your pores. Blush is must for back to school, but Quynh suggests ladies look for a sheer cream blush over a powder variety that is harder to blend. Select a blush that is a bit pinker than your natural tone in order to look simple and pretty, yet perfectly flushed. 

One area where ladies are encouraged to have fun - the eyes. Quynh reports teens should have fun and experiment with different eyeshadow trends this fall, and should also avoid rocking black. If you truly love dark hues, play with other shades including navy, gray or purple to help soften the style up.

InStyle Magazine reports all the rage on the runway is dark blue and metallic gold, you could try the style with your makeup to stand out in your classes or on the weekends.

Raccoon eyes 

We've all been there - trying to wear tons of mascara or eyeliner on your top and bottom lids. Although the style can look great if applied correctly, many times it actually creates a "raccoon" effect, Quynh told Seventeen. To avoid this fashion faux pas start by keeping your eyeliner on your top lids only during school hours. Play up your lids by rocking the fun cat eye style or add more drama by using fun liner hues - mint green, orange and metallics are popular for fall. To keep your mascara in place, try using a lash comb to separate the lashes. Use it between each coat for best results. 

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