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Beauty products that work for all

When it comes to fashion and makeup, one size does not typically fit all. Not only do different ladies enjoy unique styles and trends, but some products and colors simply don't look best on all skin tones. Luckily, there are some cosmetics that work well on everyone and Glamour magazine recently broke them down to help women learn how to look their best. Here are a few of the top colors for everyone:

Grays, blacks and browns
When it comes to flattering eye makeup, it might be most beneficial to stick to neutral shades like gray, black or brown to accentuate what your mama gave you. These options may be best reserved for detailing the eyes - adding a pop of color at the inner corners or enhancing a smokey eye style through liner.

Light white and shimmering gold
In terms of eyeshadow, the best hues for every skin type are in the warm families of gold and cream. These colors not only help soften up your peepers, but they are bold enough to help them glow or stand out in a crowd. Finding either hue with a bit of shimmer in it is even better, since this way you'll be able to create a glowing finish with little effort. 

Red and fuchsia lips
When it comes to enhancing your lips there are two ways all ladies can go - true red or fuchsia. A makeup artist told the magazine "rich fire-engine reds" including ones that are not too blue or too orange, are fabulous on all skin tones. The artist added the hot pink hue is another perfect option in either a lipstick or stain form.

Since spring is right around the corner, it might be best to retire the red product and learn to love the hot pink variety to spice up your look in time for summer. 

Ladylike gloss
If you're not really a fan of having bold lips, you might be more exited to learn what type of lip glosses work best on all ladies. According to the news source the key to being fabulous with this type of product starts with finding a neutral shade pearlized gloss. 

"It looks equally great on fair, medium, and deep skin tones," a professional makeup artist told the magazine. "Berry-tone glosses tend to flatter every skin tone."

If you can't find a gloss that has a pearlized textured, simply go for one that is a bit more matte than shiny to achieve a similar style.

Bold blushes
When it comes to enhancing your cheeks, the key may be to look for a berry-toned compact that has a mix of copper or peach in it. These options help to add warmth to the cheeks on medium-to-dark complexions and to create a more "sun-kissed" style on ladies with fair skin tones. 

Light peach varieties and true pinks are also appropriate for all women, depending on the time of year. For example, pink might be perfect in winter to achieve the flushed and wind-swept style.

Add some fun
Even though having a few neutrals and go-to beauty products in your lineup is important, it's also a perk when ladies can have a bit of fun with their makeup. A great way to incorporate both is to think about the color of the seasons.

It's been reported that emerald green is the color of 2013 and luckily, it is also a great option for eye makeup. Purchasing an emerald green eyeliner or shadow to add in to you date night or girl's night out style could be best - plus you'll be ahead of your friends in terms of trends.

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