Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
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Every one knows who Gisele Bundchen is, as she is one of the most famous supermodels of all time. Slightly fewer may know about Rosie Huntington-Whitely - she most recently played the leading lady in the Transformers movie franchise. Both are gorgeous (obviously) and each lovely lady knows what looks best on their bodies and of course how to strike a pose. Elle recently spoke with both models/actresses to gain an insiders look as to what they consider beautiful and what cosmetics work to make a girl stand out in a crowd.

Bundchen said in the interview that despite having an envious body, she gets butterflies every single time she steps out on a runway, but having the right makeup can work wonders. She adds that when taking photos on a shoot or strutting her stuff on a runway, the key to looking great is the lighting.

"It's all about the light. Always face it, because that's how you give your face good angles," Bundchen told the publication. "If you're outside when the sun is overhead, you're going to have dark circles from the sun creating shadows on your face. So no outdoor pictures between 12 and two!"

The model also attributes a good shot to using foundation or a natural shade of blush on the T-zone, and lip gloss at all times.

"Always, always powder your T-zone and the lines going from your nose down around your mouth so you don't look like a bulldog," Bundchen told the news source. "And gloss will keep your lips from appearing dehydrated."

Bundchen believes in doing smoky eye right and years of modeling has given her a plethora of makeup artist secrets that can transform average to extraordinary.

"If you're wearing smoky eye makeup, a little beige or gold pencil on the inner eye corners will open up the area, but you only want to do it if the shadow is really dark," Bundchen told the magazine. "Otherwise, light pencil makes your eyes look too far apart, like a fish."

Ladies can recreate this look on their own by using pencils or opting for a large eyeshadow palette - an 88 eyeshadow palette should do! Make sure there is a lot of variety in colors in the palette as you can use shades of gold or beige eyeshadow instead of buying pencils. Add tons of dark mascara to widen your eyes.

Although this lady can have any makeup artist and stylist she wants, according the magazine, she is a do-it-herself kind of girl, opting to make her face shine for runway shows and at home.

"I've always attempted to do my own lashes because it's hard for me to have somebody with a wand right near my eye," the cautious model told the news source. "I have blond, invisible eyebrows, so I try to make them with this gray-brown pencil."

Adding a color to bring life to your brows is a great way to fix over-plucking. Try using an eyeshadow that's a shade darker than your natural color to make it mix perfectly.

The fabulous Rosie Huntington-Whitely is all about the pouty lips. Of course she claims she only uses lip gloss most of the time to accentuate what she says are her natural red lips.

"I genuinely don't like a lot of bright color on my lips," Huntington-Whitely told the publication. "They're red anyway, so I keep them really natural."

For those of us who weren't blessed with such luscious lips, using a cranberry red lipstick or one with an orange hue may help achieve the desired look.

This natural beauty also keeps the rest of her cosmetics simple, mainly because it's easier to travel with just a few key items.

"[I like] to mix products and use them for more than one thing," Huntington-Whitely told Elle. "I don't travel with a lot of makeup, so I keep the palette neutral. I carry brown eyeliner and bronzer and smudge them on the lid to create a shadow, or dab a little blush on my lips."

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