Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Beauty trends that make your man cringe

Most ladies try their best to look perfect, especially when they are in the company of their sweethearts. Even though you may think covering up that blemish with tons of concealer helps you look better, to your guy, it may make you less attractive. Allure Magazine recently discussed the ins and outs of what guys like versus what they are against when it comes to makeup.

The caked-on look
Perhaps one of the biggest makeup faux-pas men despise is the caked on look. You may want to help your skin look its best, especially during the cold and dry winter months, but applying layer after layer of foundation, blush, moisturizer and more is not the way to go. This will not only accentuate your problem areas, but your guy may have to wash off his shirt or collar every time you go in for a snuggle.

To avoid this major problem, stick to using one, lightweight foundation to hide any trouble areas. Tip: before you head out for a date with your beau, check your application in the bathroom, as this lighting is typically the worst. Look at your jawline and the rest of your face to ensure there aren't any heavy spots happening.

Out of control eyelashes
Most ladies wish for long, gorgeous lashes to complement their eye makeup, but their beaus may be scared off by ones that are a bit overdone. If your current look involves clumpy, flaky or spider-like lashes, you may need to rethink your application. No one is going to want to gaze longingly into outrageous lashes.

For your eyelash intervention, start by first investing in an eyelash curler as it gives you the long, curled lashes you yearn for, yet in a more natural way. Use the curler first and then swipe on your mascara as usual or try out a new version if yours is clumping or causing other problems.

Bright lipstick
Bold, beautiful lipstick hues like tangerine, red or fuchsia may seem lovely on the ladies walking the red carpets, however you beau may find such hues a bit intimidating. These hues are certainly fun and help you stand out, but may be best reserved for a night out with your friends over an intimate dinner with your boyfriend - the candy-inspired tones may make him a bit weary to kiss you.

For a dinner date with your guy, try something more subtle like soft pink gloss or a warm berry tone that will enhance your lips and makeup them way more enticing. 

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