Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Beauty tricks that make guys swoon

Let's face it, there is nothing better than having your guy proudly show you off to his friends and family at parties and other gatherings. Even though your beau may love you for you, there are certain makeup tricks that guys simply go gaga over and trying them out may make you even more irresistible, Glamour Magazine reports.

Be blue
Most ladies love the way smokey eye makeup works to enhance their peepers, but Glamour thinks using blue instead of black can be even more desirable. For this style, switch out your go-to silver and charcoal eyeshadow and bring in navy shadow and a shimmering dark blue eyeliner instead.

When you have the products in hand, swipe the blue shadow on your top lids to the crease lines and on your bottom lids under the lower lash lines for a dramatic style. Enhance your peepers further by rimming your lids using the sparkling blue liner.

Make him blush with blush
For many guys, looking natural is what they desire from their ladies, so the best way to keep them happy is to enhance what you've already got. The cheeks are something most fellas go crazy for, so try to make yours glow by swiping on a lovely and chic peach or light pink blush on the apples. Add a dewy vibe by rubbing in a dab of Vaseline.

Create kissable lips
Since you'll want to get that midnight kiss when the ball drops on New Year's Eve, you better start finding ways to enhance your pout now. The experts at Glamour report using red on your lips is the ultimate guy-grabbing accessory. Truly stand out this holiday season wearing a bold fire-engine red color - this is sure to garner major attention from that cute guy you've been crushing on.

Go for the glow
A fabulous way to get a babe to notice you is to make it seem as if you are glowing. To achieve this heavenly style, you'll need to learn how to highlight your cheeks. For this illuminating trick, you'll need a highlighter that has a touch of golden shimmer it in. When you find the perfect product, grab a fan brush and sweep it on your face starting at the inner corners of your eyes and moving it down over your cheeks in a "c" motion. Perform the same trick on the other side of your face and then use the highlighter on the bridge of your nose, your chin and the area above your top lip for a stunning glow.

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