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Best cosmetics for April vacation

The season for tropical getaways is not quite over yet. If you are planning on sneaking away to a tropical destination this spring, there are a few makeup ideas you should pack along with your swimsuits and sunglasses.

You only need to pack a few cosmetics to look great in hot weather. You will want to keep your eye makeup to a minimum most days, but bring a few items that will translate into a perfect make up palette for a night out. Glamour Magazine recommends a pencil eyeliner in a dark-ish shade. If you have light features, stick to a bronze or brown, but if your eyes and hair are darker, you can stash a navy or black hue.

Blush and bronzer will be your best friends in making your skin glow on vacation. You can wear both of these cosmetics on your cheeks, eyelids. shoulders and collarbone to blend in unsightly tan lines or add a touch of shimmer when you're wearing a cute sun dress.

As for your lips, choose a no-hassle lip gloss in a bright coral or soft pink color. Because its a gloss, it will be easy to apply on the go, but the color will be a fun addition to any outfit. 

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