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Best makeup palettes to flatter a summer tan

Now that spring is here, most girls are getting ready to don their shorts, tank tops and summer dresses - showing a whole lot of skin. If you are some shade of alabaster, you are probably also working on jumpstarting your tan with sunless tanner. Here are the best makeup palettes to make your self tan glow.


Bronzer may not seem like a necessary cosmetic when you're tan, but you might be surprised. Bronzer is crucial in evening out any sunless tanning mishaps like streaks or spots you might have missed. Plus, sweeping some shimmery bronzer and blush is a perfect way to make your whole face glow.

Light eyeliner

Many times we wear eyeliner to darken our lashline, but when you have a nice tan going on, wearing a pearly white shade is a great way to make your eyes pop. There are number of light, eye-brightening eyeliners in shades for every skin tone, but you can also use the lightest hues of your favorite eyeshadow palette. Apply them with a flat liner brush to your lower lashline for a super-awake look.

Shimmery shadows

Wearing shimmery eyeshadow is a perfect way to attract light on your sun-kissed skin. Shades of bronze and gold pick up light and will flatter tan skin beautifully. 

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