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Best makeup trend to try from Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week is in full swing and the shows are not only showing off the best in fashion to come, but also what's hot and interesting in terms of cosmetics. One style that simply can't be ignored comes from the Malaikaraiss runway show and incorporates two hot and fun colors. Glamour Magazine recently broke down how to wear the look - for those ladies willing to step outside their makeup comfort zone.

The source reports models at the recent runway show were decked out in stunning sea foam green and baby blue eyeshadow mixed in with a bit of silver as well. The models also wore one of the season's hottest lip colors - tangerine orange for a totally surprising look.

To achieve a similar style, you'll first need to find the correct products. It may be best to purchase a metallic eyeshadow palette as the look calls for metallic sea foam green, baby blue and silver shades. You'll also need tangerine lipstick and peach blush.

Dramatic eyes

To rock the bold, yet beautiful eye makeup, start by putting eye primer on your top and bottom lids to help the colors stay in place. Next, apply a thick layer of the blue eyeshadow on your bottom lids, spreading the product out a bit past your brow lines. Then apply the sea foam color on your upper lids, going up to your brow bones and out a bit past the brow lines to blend the product with the blue hue. Finally apply the silver color at the inner corner of your eyes and blend it with the green on top and the blue on bottom for a complete style. Finish off with volumizing mascara to really stand out.

Peachy keen

To keep with the romantic vibe, apply the peach blush on the apples of your cheeks and use makeup brushes to spread the product out and up your cheekbones. For a dewy effect, mix a touch of Vaseline into your cheeks for a perfect summer feel, InStyle Magazine reports.

Perfect pout

To finish off this smashing makeup with a bang, apply tangerine-toned lipstick on your pout. Try to find a shade that's a bit muted so as not to deflect from the awesome eye makeup. Cap off the lips with a clear lip gloss for the perfect amount of summertime shine.  

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