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Best ways to hide your blemishes

Let's be real, acne can plague everyone at some point in their lives, but that doesn't mean we have to enjoy it. Although there may be nothing you can actually do to stop acne (except pray that it will be gone by morning) there are certain ways to hide the ugly red spots. Teen Vogue Magazine recently broke down exactly what to use and how to use certain products to keep the appearance of zits at bay.

Properly covering up your acne takes a few steps and a few different cosmetics tools, so you may want to practice hiding pimples a couple times, rather than following the steps five minutes before your crush comes to pick you up on a date.

Be pick-free

According to the news outlet, the worst thing a girl can do to a pimple is pick at it, as this will only cause acne-causing bacteria to spread and the area around it to become more inflamed. Instead, leave it alone! If you must, apply a warm face cloth over the bump in question to try and reduce any swelling. Then, it's time to cover your friend up.

Get a good concealer

The best line of defense for covering up a pimple is a really good concealer. Glamour Magazine suggests looking for a product that is a close match to your natural complexion - though it shouldn't be any lighter. Once you find an appropriate hue, apply a tiny bit of it onto a thin and firm concealer brush. Next, start to dot the brush tip on the blemish, working from the center and moving outward, make sure to stop dotting where the red ends.

Finish off with powder

You might assume the cover-up operation stops with the concealer, but it's only half the battle. Teen Vogue reports the next step in hiding your pimples is to apply a touch of pressed powder. Look for a translucent powder or one with a hue that is almost identical to your natural skin tone. Tip: it may be a good idea to swipe a bit of the powder on another part of your face first to see how it will look on the pimple. When you find a suitable shade, use makeup brushes to apply the product directly over the blemish. This final step will help to set the concealer, while reducing the appearance of inflammation. 

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