Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Break free from boring makeup routines

Let's face it, all girls get into a beauty routine rut from time-to-time and spring is a great opportunity to fix the problem for good. Glamour Magazine recently broke down a few trends that are easy to transition into everyday looks.

First, start with a fun new hairstyle. Tori Spelling has been known to rock a good side braid and this look is a perfect way for ladies to get their side bangs out of their eyes. All you do for this style is create a side-part and then braid a small front section of hair and pin it back under your hair. Once your hair is out of your face, you can feel free to update your eye makeup. Try a modern smokey eye using eyeshadow in earthy shades like bronze and gold. This will make your eyes look fab as well as light and airy.

Add some perk to your look by using a vivid lip color. Gorgeous beach goddess Kate Bosworth was recently seen wearing a hot pink hue that helped her stand out and made her lips look totally kissable. However, it's important to remember that all lip colors do not work on all skin tones. The best way to see how the color will look in real life is to try it on in a place with bad lighting - such as your high school's bathroom. This way, you can see if you look hot in bold pink or if you're more of a tangerine girl.

InStyle Magazine reports another fashionable way to add some funk to your favorite look is to switch out boring black or gray eyeliner in exchange for bright colored liner. Stars like Beyonce are warming up to this trend. Try out a variety of colors, though shades like turquoise or lavender will pop the most against newly tanned skin.

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