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Brighten up with blush

Blush may not be the most exciting product in the world of cosmetics, but it can certainly add a bit of drama to an everyday look. Ladies who stray from using blush should reconsider as this powder or matte makeup can do wonders on your skin.

Glamour Magazine reports that using varieties of blush can really change your look from winter to spring with just a few swipes with makeup brushes.

When most ladies think about blush, they think about a rosy color and in reality, a light pink shade is perfect for all skin types and works to brighten up the face. Stars like Ali Larter and the adorable Emma Stone have been seen rocking this shade as of late.

Girls who want more drama on their cheeks might prefer finding a tangerine or orange based blush. Orange is certainly the "it" color of 2012 and using it on your cheeks is a great way to add color and be on point in terms of trends.

Although you may want to try darker, lighter or any blush shades in between, not all colors work on all skin types. Teen Vogue Magazine recommends ladies try out possible new blushes on their eyelids first.

"Sweep the blush onto your eyelids," celebrity makeup artist Ramy told the publication. "If the color doesn't look good on your eyes, it won't look good on the rest of your face either." 

Knowing how to apply the product is also crucial to the overall execution. Ramy reports the best way to apply blush is to first smile and then use a stippling brush to sweep the blush on the apple of your cheeks. Blend the makeup upward along your cheekbones and toward your ears for the most natural look. 

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