Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Can you wear red accents on your makeup palette?

Red can be a tricky color to pull off when it comes to your makeup palette. If you're wearing this shade on your eyes, it's hard to make it look like lovely makeup, and not just eye redness. On your lips and nails, it's tough to make it look unique. Here's how to give your makeup a red hot update.

When rocking red lips, make them pop even brighter by adding a gloss on top or matching the shade to your nail polish, Allure Magazine recommends. Or, wear an updated color like a cherry chocolate, raspberry or bright coral.

Red is probably the trickiest color to wear on your eyes. However, if you have a gorgeous shade of pink or red in your eyeshadow palette that you are dying to try, here are some tricks to make it look best. The news outlet recommends keeping the color away from the inner corners of your eyes and applying it only to your lids, being careful not to extend it out beyond the crease of your eyelid.

You should also always pair this hue with plenty of black eyeliner and mascara to bring that added drama. 

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