Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Carly Rae Jepsen knows how to wear makeup

Carly Rae Jepsen may have a few tips for landing that perfect guy, but she might also know a thing or two about applying makeup. InStyle Magazine reports the Canadian crooner recently rocked the perfect balance of makeup while attending the Teen Choice Awards. Ladies looking to emulate the "Call Me Maybe" singer should definitely take notice.

For the recent appearance, Jepsen was able to mix dramatic eyes with luscious lips and perfectly pink cheekbones. It was an all around success and you need to know how to achieve a similar look this summer.

Jepsen's makeup artists, Desirae Cherman, told the news outlet she started to get the singer ready for the event by first spritzing her face with moisturizing water to refresh her pores. You might assume she then started on the foundation and face makeup, but Cherman said this can actually lead to major makeup faux pas.

According to Cherman, it's best to start with the eyes so if any eyeshadow, mascara or other products fall on the face, it's not a big deal to clean up.

"I like to start with the eyes while the skin soaks in the prep products," the makeup artist told the news source.

For this event, the duo decided to go for a complete smoky eye in order to "bring an element of drama to the look." Cherman started by rimming Jepsen's eyes in black liquid eyeliner, spreading the product out thicker on top to create the base of the smoky eye. She then applied a touch of shimmering white eyeshadow on the inner corners of Jepsen's eyes and right below her eyebrows to create a glowing effect. Cherman finished by adding black eyeshadow on the top lids up to the brow bones and then applying tons of volumizing mascara.

Once the eyes were perfect, Cherman applied a medium-coverage foundation all over Jepsen's face and applied concealer under her eyes to keep the look fresh. She then swiped on a bit of petal pink blush on her cheeks for a rosy effect.

Cherman finished off the makeup with the lips by first rimming them in muted cranberry-toned lip liner. She then applied a few coats of a similar-colored lipstick for the stunning style.

People Magazine reports the makeup worked well with Jepsen's ensemble for the evening. The singer donned a palm tree printed blazer and shorts combo to the event. She added a white tank top under the blazer and wore sky high black platform pumps as well. 

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