Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Carrie Underwood's self-confessed beauty mistakes

Carrie Underwood may have top-selling albums and hit singles under her belt, but this blonde country bombshell started out just like the rest of us - a regular teenage girl trying to nail down a beauty routine that would make her look her best.

The country chanteuse told Marie Claire that while her older teenage sisters would dress her up like a Barbie, instilling in her a love of makeup and cosmetics, she is not free from beauty blunders of her own. Her worst, she said, was the period of time when she would put gel in her bangs and comb them over.

"It would dry and you could, like, flick it," she told the publication. "I remember my mom trying to talk me out of the crunchy bangs, and I was like, 'Whatever - you're not cool.'"

Underwood seems to have learned her beauty lessons. She is now known for her heavy black eye makeup and natural lip color. To rock eyeshadow trends like this sassy singer, line your eyes with liquid eyeliner and give the smoky eye a try from time to time. 

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