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Celebs make popular makeup trends their own

All celebrities need to look their best each day as the paparazzi and fans are constantly gazing at them, interested in their signature beauty secrets. Although most stars look great all the time, each celeb is put together in their own way, which is why it's important to understand how they make certain makeup trends work for their unique skin and features. Glamour magazine recently broke down the most popular trends in Hollywood.

A top trend in cosmetics currently is glitter and metallics. Fashion icon Kate Moss made the trend work on her face by creating a show stopping look out of glittering shadow in shades of both gold and silver. She added ever more sparkle on her lips and cheeks, opting for a shimmering pink lipstick and tangerine-toned bronzer on her high cheekbones.

Naturally beautiful Freida Pinto played with metallics as well, using shimmering charcoal and gold shades of shadow. The addition really made her big brown eyes pop and using the charcoal color underneath the eye added a hint of sparkle in an unlikely place. Fashion risk taker Emma Watson used similar cosmetics as Pinto, however she made sure to push the colors way over the top. The resident witch went bold - using the dark metallic charcoal eyeshadow on her top and bottom eyelids. She added shimmering gold shadow at the corner and crease of her eyes which totally stood out and kept all attention on her fashion forward approach to cosmetics.

Model Doutzen Kroes represented the brighter side of metallics while working the red carpet. She went uber light - using a shimmering coral and gold toned eyeshadow on her lids and also as blush on her cheeks. The mega model kept the good times rolling, opting for a tangerine shade lipstick with shimmering gold specks. This look was quite surprising and made her look healthy and youthful.

Ladies looking to try out metallics have a wide variety of different fashions to experiment with. Those who might want to use a different shade each day should look for at least a 120 eyeshadow palette so they never run out of choices. Purchasing shimmering blush and makeup brushes in different sizes will allow you to use your cosmetics in countless ways.

Everyone who loves eye makeup knows about the smokey eye, as it is one look that brings major drama every time. Although this old faithful is good for numerous occasions, some celebrities have found new ways to spice it up.

Katy Perry is known for her wacky cosmetics, so it's no surprise she took her smokey look out of this world. Instead of playing it safe with traditional black, Perry opted to go smokey with golden brown and copper eyeshadow. She added more shadow under her eyes and made the look even more sultry with jet black eyeliner on her upper and lower lids and tons of black, volumizing mascara.

Another fun way to make the smokey eye your own is to use pastel-toned eyeshadow, Elle magazine reports. Dick Page, the makeup artist for Michael Kors' Spring 2010 collection told the source that using pastels can really "amp-up" versions seen on the runways. 

Girls can try incorporating shades of light purples, blues, aquas, creams and even a subdued gray/black to their lids in replacement of commonly used darker tones. Add black eyeliner to the upper and lower lids to make the mellow colors pop even more.

Mischa Barton's makeup is at least making a comeback, even if her career is not. The former O.C. star showed off her own version of a smokey eye to Glamour magazine, that worked to make her gray-blue eyes stand out. Barton went dramatic using ice blue and black eyeshadow to create the smokey look. She adorned the corners of her eyes with the ice blue shade and the rest of her lids with the dark black shadow. Barton added a shimmering cream tone of eyeshadow right below her eyebrows to push the lighter version of the smokey eye over the top.

Girls can take their own version of the smokey eye into the future by using neons or bright shades of shadow to make the look their own.

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