Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Common beauty trends broken down

For some ladies, applying makeup is almost second nature. However, if you are a fashionista that has trouble nailing the most sought-after looks (smokey eye, bold lipstick, colored eyeliner) Elle Magazine feels your pain. The magazine recently spoke with a famed makeup artist to help women everywhere learn how to rock the most popular trends this season.

Red lips
When it comes to looking fab with red lipstick most ladies might assume it's as simple as swiping the desired color directly on their pout. Think again. Looking perfect with red lipstick is actually more of a process.

To begin, trace your lips with a colorless or nude toned liner - this works to prevent the red hue from spreading to your teeth or cheeks. Next, you'll need to help make your pout seem fuller by filling your entire mouth in with a liner that is a shade darker than the lipstick you'll be wearing. When the lips are covered, swipe on the lipstick of choice. Tip: fair skinned ladies look best in blue-based reds, while girls with darker coloring are beautiful in orange-toned reds.

Part of every woman's winter routine should be contouring. Not only does this style help to illuminate your complexion, but it does so in the most natural way possible, the news source reports. For this trend, you'll need a large brush, powder bronzer that is a shade darker than your normal hue, a translucent powder and a matte blush.

When you have the products, grab the brush and use the top edge to swipe the bronzer on your face just below your cheekbones. Next, use the same brush to apply the translucent powder over the bronzer in order to set it and help it glow. When the look is just right, take the matte blush and apply it directly on the apples of your cheeks, spreading the product out and up toward your temples for a natural vibe.

Easy cat-eye
The cat eye style is still all the rage in terms of beauty trends which is why you need to learn the easiest way to rock it. According to the makeup pro, you can achieve the look in just two easy steps.

First, take a pencil or gel liner in black and swipe it on your top lids starting at the inner corner of your lids and pushing it out past your brow lines. Then use the product to swipe the hue on your bottom lids from the center and out, connecting it with the winged out section on top. Finish the look by applying a neutral gold or cream shadow on top. 

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