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Dare to go bolder with blush

Blush is one of the staples in most girls' makeup bags, as the product works to add that special something to every look. Whether you need a pop of color to flush your face in the dead of winter, or are trying to looks sassy and cute on a first date, blush, specifically pink blush, used to be the way to go. Although girlie pink blush is still a perfect style for many occasions, Glamour Magazine reports a new trend to try is red blush. Thanks to the stunning Miranda Kerr, this look has been brought mainstream and if it looks as good on regular ladies as it does on the model, it's probably not going anywhere for awhile.

The news outlet reports Kerr was seen rocking red on her cheeks while walking in a runway show in her native Australia, though she previously wore it while attending the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show viewing party. The look worked perfect with her light skin tone, though the hue would also work nicely on medium to dark skin as well.

Select the right hue

To stand out like Kerr, it's important to find the perfect red blush. Too dark will overpower the rest of your face, while too light will resemble pink varieties too closely. To pick the most natural hue for your skin tone, try on a few different products in various lighting to see how it will look at school, work or anywhere else you may be wearing it.

You might also want to try different products, ranging from powder options to matte finishes and even creamy varieties. The news source suggests ladies look for a sheer formula to avoid looking "clownish."

How to apply the product

After selecting the perfect color, it's time to move on to the application. Redbook Magazine recently broke down the best techniques and the experts believe the first step in a proper application of blush starts with the right brush size. If you're having trouble noticing the hue on your skin, you may want to try using a smaller brush.

The experts report large brushes are designed to diffuse face powder, so it can make blush go on too sheer to see. The ideal brush to use for blush is one that has a dome shape and is densely packed with bristles with a head no wider than "a two-liter bottle cap."

For perfect placement, start by swirling it on the apples of your cheeks then blend it in back along your cheeks upwards toward your temples, fading it into your skin an inch before your hairline starts.

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