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Date night trends to try

There is perhaps nothing better than the holidays - except maybe having a gorgeous hunk to share the season with. Whether you've recently started dating a new guy or have been with your beau for years, looking your best around your hottie is a must. If you're tired of your same old boring makeup routine, look no further, as Cosmopolitan Magazine recently revealed the best date night trends ladies everywhere need to try out now.

Purple eyes
One of the best and easiest ways to enhance your peepers (regardless of color) is with orchid-toned eyeshadow. Purple is a lovely shade for all eye colors and it helps bring a bit of mystery to your face. To rock the style right, swipe on a layer of the purple hue on your top lids and then gently shade it up toward your crease lines for a softer, blended vibe. Caution: do not go past your crease lines with this color - it will make you look like you're at an 80s prom.

Bold red lips
Nothing says kiss me quite like red lipstick, which is why girls looking to be flirty with their boyfriends should try a hue like this out. According to the magazine, the most flattering way to wear red is to find an opaque red hue in a patent, shiny finish. Tip: it may be easier to find what you want in a gloss rather than a traditional lipstick tube. Wearing a touch of this product is sure to help keep your guy's focus on you and your lips.

Coral-toned cheeks
When it comes to sassing up your look for a date night, the trick to try out may be coral-toned cheeks. The peach and pink combo helps provide ladies with a faux flush - he'll think you're blushing at something sweet he said. Not only does coral stun and look natural, but it works well on most skin types.

For the best application, swipe a touch of the hue on directly to the apples of your cheeks. You can find the apples by smiling - the apples are the areas that stick out the most.

Other date-night friendly makeup trends include neutral smokey eyes and light pink glosses. 

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