Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Double dipping beauty products

Most fashionistas like to be covered when it comes to having the necessary makeup products to get the job done for any occasion. From having multiple eyeshadow palettes and eyeliner pencils to different types of mascara and tons of options for the lips - there can never be too many beauty products. However, the fabulous Lauren Conrad recently showed fans on her blog, The Beauty Department, a few tips for using certain products on different areas of the face. The results are lovely and it may be something ladies should try out.

LC believes using blush as eyeshadow can go a long way in not only minimizing how many products you need to keep in your purse for touch ups, but also in helping your eyes stand out. To achieve the style LC creates on her blog, you'll need an eyeshadow in a bronze or chocolate color or a dark gray shade if you have naturally cool undertones. You'll also need to pick up a thin black eyeliner, a dark brown eyeliner and a coral or peach-toned blush.

Prep the eyes
Since you'll be using a variety of different products on your peepers, it's best to prep the lids in order to keep all of the items in their proper places. Use an eye primer on your top lids and even on your water lines to ensure every item stays put. Allow the primer to dry for between one and two minutes in order to give it time to set. After the allotted time, you're ready for action.

Bronze all over
Once the primer is ready, start to apply the bronze or chocolate brown eyeshadow on your top lids, adding a few coats for definition. Be sure to focus on just the lids and refrain from pushing the product past your crease lines. When you're satisfied with the top lids, move on to the bottom using the same product, but apply it thinner than on top using a thin liner brush.

Bring on the blush
When the eyeshadow looks perfect, you'll need to move on to adding in the blush. Select a hue that you feel would work best with the color of the eyeshadow - for bronze, LC suggests a peach or coral-toned product. After selecting the hue, dip the used eyeshadow brush into your blush and then swipe it on back and forth directly into your crease lines on your top lids.

Water line looks
After applying the perfect amount of blush on top, you're ready to enhance the style even more by working on your water lines. For this earth-toned smoky eye look, use the dark brown eyeliner and swipe it on your water lines on your bottom lids. This will not only help open up your eyes, but will give you color in an unexpected spot.

Use the same color pencil or a black variety to line the upper lash line, making this application a bit thicker than on the bottom.

Bold mascara
Finish off this stellar fall-appropriate eye makeup by coating your top and bottom lashes with a few applications of your favorite volumizing mascara. If you're feeling extra daring, try applying false eyelashes to help your eyes garner even more attention.

Since your eyes are going to be the star of the show, the rest of your makeup should be on the minimal side. A touch of the same blush or a light pink variety will look fabulous on your cheeks, while a lipstick in the berry family - cranberry, raspberry - will enhance your natural shade. 

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