Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Easy breezy spring break makeup

Spring break is right around the corner. While your body may be just about ready for that bikini, make sure you have the right cosmetics to look your best on the beach and wherever else your travels bring you.

Just like summer makeup, the makeup palettes you wear in tropical locations should be simple. According to Allure Magazine, you should look like a "sunnier version of yourself," not all done up.

The most important step of a beach beauty routine is sunscreen. Always slather on your SPF before any makeup. Wait 20 minutes before putting anything over it.

The magazine reports that if you're headed to a humid location, you can pretty much forget about flawless coverage. Instead of fussing with foundation, bring pressed powder and concealer if you absolutely must cover a blemish before hitting the beach.

Bronzer is a key element to spring break makeup. If you have light skin and have been good about sunscreen, you can keep up with your tan friends by applying a shade that looks like a natural tan color on you. If you go out during the day or at night, apply some matte bronzer to the parts of your face that the sun would naturally hit. Add some to your shoulders and chest for added glow. 

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