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Embrace the 1920s with a flapper-inspired Halloween costume

Halloween is almost here and if you are like many ladies, chances are you're still thinking about what you are going to dress up as this year. A great last-minute costume style to try out is the classic flapper ensemble - with a modern twist. Glamour Magazine recently spoke with a senior makeup artist to help girls everywhere achieve the most elegant and dramatic flapper makeup.

Necessary materials
For the flapper look, you'll need a few specific makeup products including red blush, black eyeliner, charcoal and shimmering bronze eyeshadow, deep red lipstick and red lip liner. Since you'll be wearing heavy makeup, you may also want to keep your favorite concealer and foundation on hand to help cover any imperfections.

Rosy red cheeks
To begin the flapper process, apply a layer of your go-to foundation all over your face and then swipe on concealer to hide any blemishes or other problems. Once these products are set, it's time to have fun with your cheeks. The makeup artist told Glamour that in the 1920s women didn't have access to blushes and other expensive products, so they would use the same products to accentuate multiple features of their faces - which is why it's important to go for a bold red color.

"They didn't have all this technology - they didn't walk into a beauty salon and see all of this color," the artist told the magazine. "Back then you'd use your lip rouge or your cheek rouge, which was also red, then you smudged it out."

To stick to the true form, try to find a cream-based red blush and then apply it on the apples of your cheeks using a brush. Swipe the color up toward your temples for a complete look.

True smoky eyes
For the divalicious eye makeup flappers wore in the 1920s, you'll need to start by using a brush to draw all along your eye sockets and into the crease lines in order to create depth. Swipe on a touch of black liner at the center of your bottom lids to create a "rounded doll eye look." After the dark colors are in place, add more style by way of the shimmering bronze shadow in the middle of your lids. Lastly swipe on tons of mascara - or try false lashes for ultimate volume.

Ruby red lips
To complete the flapper style, grab a deep red lipstick and a red liner and first swipe the liner on your lips. When your pout is perfectly lined, apply the lipstick hue and voila! you have the proper flapper look.

Make sure to rock a flowy dress with fringe on it and accessorize with strings of pearls to complete the fun costume.

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