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Express yourself with eyeliner trends

Eyeliner is a staple in many young ladies' bags and although you may like to keep it simple, using it only to outline your peepers, there is really so many more uses for the product. recently broke down some creative ways to spice up your eyeliner routine and ladies need to try at least one this fall/winter.

Pink steals black's thunder

One of the top trends to hit fall runway shows like Dior is the use of pink eyeliner. That's right ladies - forgo the black in pursuit of something a bit more colorful and playful to boot. Instead of using black to play up your peepers in the funky cat eye style, opt for a hot pink liner to wear the look.

The site reports to really let the pink stand out, start by applying liquid eyeliner and then top it with a cream eyeliner to ensure the product stays fresh all day or night. For the fashion risk takers out there, take the look one step further by extending the hue to your lashes using standard black mascara and then dusting them with hot pink eyeshadow.

Double uses

Want to really make a statement this fall? Try using eyeliner in unexpected places. experts dare ladies to think outside the lash line when it comes to using eyeliner and instead try to use it in a more surprising spot. They suggest going for a Cleopatra style by first rimming your top and bottom lids in black eyeliner. Next, grab a black liquid liner and use it to create a straight line from your inner corners and up to your crease line, then tracing it along your crease line and pushing it out a touch past your brow lines. The style is sure to turn some heads.

Think outside the lid

Models walking during the Erdem show made some waves within the fashion world thanks to their fabulous makeup. Artist Andrew Gallimore created floating black triangles on the models that totally stood out. To recreate this fab style at home, begin by using a black eyeliner pencil to trace a small equilateral triangle at the outer corner of the lids. Then apply a layer of liquid liner on top to help give it a shine.

Stick it on

Another great way to add some spice to your eyeliner routine is to forgo the product on your bottom lids in exchange for fabulous 3-D stickers. Try the look out with a metallic silver or gold liner on your top lids and then stick the tiny stickers along your bottom lids for a glamorous shine. This style may be best reserved for New Year's Eve or another fabulous gathering.

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