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Fall makeup trends you need to know about

Fall is closer than you think and as the weather turns from warm to chilled, so should your cosmetics. Fun and fabulous bright eyeliner, lipstick and blush are certainly appropriate for the summer when everyone is tan and sassy, but these hues definitely need to stop once fall fashion starts springing up. Allure Magazine recently discussed the top looks for fall this year and ladies everywhere need to take notice in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Black cherry lips

Out with the bright red and in with the darker, black cherry variety. The runways are a buzz with this deep hue that is both romantic and feminine  - a perfect combination for fall. The beauty experts suggest applying the lipstick directly from the tube and onto your lips for the most dramatic effect. Since you'll want your lips to stand out, you'll need to keep the rest of your makeup minimal, though wear enough to help your features shine.

Allure suggests applying "skin-warming" blush or bronzer on your cheekbones in order to stray from looking too much like a vampire from "Twilight."

In with the smoky brown style

"Smoky eyes are like necklines - they don't have to be showy to make an impact," the news outlet reports. In light of this, the experts believe the recent brown smoky eye style displayed on models during the Burberry and Blumarine runway shows, is perfect for fall.

To achieve the warm style, start by tracing along your inner lash lines with a rich espresso brown eyeliner. Next, apply brown eyeshadow on your top lids from the lashes and up to the crease lines and then add a bit more product with your finger on top to create the smoky style. Finish off with standard black mascara.

Glamour Magazine reports if you aren't feeling the brown, you could alter the look using metallic-bronze colored eyeshadow instead. This will offer a bit more light and shimmer to the style.

Over the top cat eyes

Another popular trend for fall 2012 is rich graphic black cat-eyes, according to Allure. Only the bold should attempt this look as it is intense and powerful. To achieve this va-va-voom look, start by first drawing the outline of the shape you want with a black pencil. You may want a thick swoop out past your brow lines or a slightly thinner one - try out a few options to see which fits you best. After you draw the shape, fill it in with black eyeshadow and more liquid eyeliner for a stand out look that's perfect for a night out dancing.

Glimmer with gold

For a more angelic and pure look this fall, it's best to use products in gold. This fabulous hue works to add shimmer and a halo effect to the places it touches on the face and is a perfect style for the office or a romantic date with your beau. Apply touches of gold on your cheeks, by way of gold eyeliner on your eyes and rose gold eyeshadow on your top lids.

Fair-skinned ladies should look for beige-gold hues, while women with medium-to-dark complexions look best in bronze-gold shades.

Flushed cheeks

Nothing says cold weather better than perfectly pink cheeks. Whether from a day exploring museums in the city or hitting the ski slopes, this look is lovely and stylish for fall and winter. For this style it's best to skip on the powder blushes and instead use heavier cream varieties that are easier to blend without losing the hue. Cover the entire apples of your cheeks and spread the product up toward your ears for the most natural feel.

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