Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Four makeup ideas perfect for a Valentine

Whatever your plans for Valentine's Day, you will want to rock a special outfit and sassy cosmetics because, well, you can. This holiday is the perfect time to try out fun makeup ideas like smoky eyes and red lips, but don't stop there.

Take a note from Michelle Trachtenberg and try violet eyeliner, Us Weekly suggests. Girls with pale skin look especially pretty in this color, which brightens eyes. Apply this makeup to your bottom lashes then smudge sideways from the inner to outer corners.

Another trend to try is bubblegum pink or "orchid" colored lips. A nice change from classic red lipstick, rocking a pale or bright pink lip color is perfect for this holiday. Putting on concealer before you apply this shade will help if your lips are naturally deep red.

While many makeup palettes focus on eyes and lips, why not try out some new blush techniques for this lovely holiday? The news outlet points out that Charlize Theron layered differed shades of blush at the Golden Globes to get a two-tone look.

If you'd rather keep it simple, Glamour Magazine suggests tying your hair in a loose ponytail and rimming your eyes with black liner to look sultry yet natural. 

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