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Fun facts about Hunger Games costumes and cosmetics

The much-anticipated film adaptation of The Hunger Games is finally here. What many people were most anxious to see was how the directors and producers would translate author Suzanne Collins' ideas of the lavish, colorful and wacky fashion and cosmetics of Capitol residents onto the big screen.

"We had so much to go on from the book," Judiana Makovsky, the movie's head costume designer, told InStyle Magazine. "A lot of the decisions were made before [the cast] was even hired."

Still, stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and even extras from the Capitol made perfect models for these crazy designs. Many of the characters' clothing was made entirely by hand, because Collins' descriptions were so particular and specific. To dress all 600 Capitol extras, the costuming team had to make at least 1,800 costumes, Makovsky told the news outlet.

Makeup for the cast was just as intense. According to Glamour magazine, there were 35 full-time makeup artists on staff to create the makeup palettes, eyeshadow hues and general facial designs of Effie Trinket and other residents of the Capitol. 

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