Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Get a fab look like Coco Rocha

Models are known for taking fashion risks and sometimes they work, while in other cases they should be left on the drawing room floor. Coco Rocha's recent fashion forward cosmetics were definitely something divas out there need to try. Glamour Magazine reports the stunning model worked it in a unique take on the smoky eye and red lips to die for. She displayed her fab style while attending the Los Angeles premiere of the film "People Like Us."

According to the news outlet, Rocha went all out with her makeup in this look, and you can achieve a similar style with a few simple steps. First, you'll need to pick up the right beauty products including a deep, fire-engine red lipstick and shimmering chocolate brown, black and gold eyeshadow.

To start the transformation, first apply eye primer on your top and bottom lids to ensure the heavy eye makeup sets and stays in place. Then, begin rimming your top and bottom lids in black eyeliner using a fine liner brush. After this step, it's time to get down to business. Start by applying tons of the chocolate brown eyeshadow on your top lids to the crease lines. Then use the black color to outline the shape of your eye from the inner corners and going above the crease lines, finishing a bit past your brow lines on top. Next, use the gold hue on your bottom lids and push the color out past the brow lines, matching up with the darker hue used on top. Blend the two colors in a bit and voila! Your sassy and totally original eye makeup is complete.

Once the eyes are done, move on to the lips. InStyle Magazine reports it's important to fully exfoliate your lips prior to wearing a standout lipstick color like red.

To achieve this, start by wetting a face cloth with warm water and wring it out. Then place the cloth on your lips for one minute. When time is up, start rubbing the cloth on your lips in a circular motion to remove any dead skin. Finish off by applying a moisturizing lip primer that will keep your pout perfect while helping to keep the color in place.

When your lips are ready, apply one coat to check how it looks and then add more until you think it's just right, according to Glamour. Always make sure to bring along a compact with a mirror when wearing brightly colored lipstick to make sure it isn't coming off on your teeth or anywhere else. 

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