Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Get gorgeous makeup in a flash

For some ladies, waking up earlier than usual for work or school in order to apply a face full of makeup is just a no-go. However, most girls would be willing to sacrifice just five minutes if they'll end up looking fresh and totally put together. Glamour Magazine reports the stunning Zoe Saldana recently rocked a perfect go-to look that is easy to apply.

According to the news outlet, Saldana wore a simple mix of earth-tone cosmetics that created a natural, yet glowing complexion. To achieve a similar style, you'll first need to pick up the right products, including shimmery gold and brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner a matte bronzer and mocha-colored lip gloss.

Enhance your eyes

To start your transformation, first rim your top and bottom lids in the black eyeliner, extending the product a bit past your brow lines for a modest flare. After the eyeliner looks right, use a makeup brush to apply the brown eyeshadow all over your top lids to the crease lines. Then use another brush to apply a layer of the golden hue at the inner corners of your eyes and above the crease lines. Use the gold on the bottom under the eyeliner for a halo effect. Finish off the fab eyes with tons of mascara.

For the cheeks

Saldana kept her cheeks ultra natural using a matte bronzer. Try to find a similar type of bronzer that is one shade darker than your natural shade. To avoid looking like Snooki, InStyle Magazine suggests first applying the bronzer on your cheekbones and then moving on to the forehead and the bridge of your nose to help it blend better.

Glamour reports Saldana may have added a touch of Vaseline on her cheeks for a bit of a dewy glow.

Luscious lips

To keep with the natural vibes, find a lip color with earthy browns in it, make sure to try on a few different products first, in order to find a shade that works with your natural complexion. Apply a few coats of the lip gloss for a bit of added shine. 

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