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Get the Effie Trinket look

The Hunger Games is almost here! Many high school and middle schoolers have probably been counting down the days until the big premiere and with less than one day left (if you're planning on attending a midnight showing) to figure out what to wear, time is certainly not in your favor.

Those planning on hitting the theaters in full on Hunger Games garb will need to figure out the cosmetics of each character in order to look the part. Those worried about styling their looks in time needn't have fear - help is here.

One of the most colorful and therefore the most fun character to emulate at a viewing is the over-the-top Effie Trinket. Trinket is from the Capital and it shows. From her outlandish outfits, to her changing hairstyles and color, she would definitely be considered high fashion by today's standards. Although her outfits and costumes are fabulous it's her lips, cheeks and eye makeup that truly steals the show.

A look I recently tried to emulate is the makeup she wears while on the train to the Capitol for the Hunger Games with Peeta, Katniss and Haymitch. To achieve this look I needed to get a large eyeshadow palette. I purchased BH Cosmetics' 120 eyeshadow palette because it has brights, neutrals and dark shades. I needed eyeshadow in hues of yellow, green, periwinkle blue and purple. For the lips I needed a bright, bubble gum lip color and a pale concealer along with makeup brushes to spread the cover up all over my face - for some reason people in the Capital enjoy ivory toned skin.

To get the style, I started by covering my face in the pale foundation - even going over my lips and eyelids. Next, I went for the lips. Trinket doesn't cover her entire lips with color, rather just the center, so I had to make sure both lips were fully covered in lip primer before applying color. Next, I lined my lips with a lip liner only covering the heart shaped section in the middle. Then I filled in the lined area with the pink color, swiping on clear lip gloss for added flare.

Moving on to the eyes, I started by lining my upper and lower lids in the periwinkle eyeshadow. I then mixed in the purple and black using a blending brush and BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner. I made the liner a little thicker on the bottom for the full Effie drama. Next, I applied the yellow on my entire upper lids and all the way up to my brow lines, also covering my brows in the hue. I needed to apply a few coats to get it bright enough. Once the yellow was spread evenly, I started adding green to the center of my top eyelids. I used makeup brushes to spread it out so that it mixed in with the yellow, creating an aqua hue. I finished up with tons of volumizing mascara and tried on a fun curly wig to achieve the fully Effie effect.

Although this makeup is incredible and fun to play with, actress Elizabeth Banks, who plays the role of Effie, admitted being that high fashion is a lot of hard work.

Banks told Us Weekly Magazine that she spent 45 minutes a day to put on her makeup, wigs, costumes and fake nails. Though, she was happy to do so to make the character come to life.

"Effie is a little cooky, a little Marie Antoinette, a little Paris from the '40s," Banks told the magazine. "It's a big mishmash. I loved all of it. I loved disappearing. It was totally transformational as an actress."

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