Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Get the halo effect

Most ladies are pros when it comes to applying eyeliner, but one trend that some might not be aware of is the halo eyeliner effect. Glamour Magazine reports this style is both cool and totally perfect for achieving that dewy glow most girls try to get during the warm summer months.

The key to rocking this trend right is all about finding the perfect fine liner brush. For this style, pick out complementing eyeshadow hues, such as a charcoal shade with jet black eyeliner and then another colored pencil in a gold or bronze shade. Once you find your color scheme, it's time to get down to business. Start by swiping on some eye primer and then applying the eyeshadow on your upper lids to the crease line. Next, rim your upper and lower lids with the black eyeliner using a blending brush. Finally use the fine liner brush to add the glowing gold or bronze color on the outside of the eyeliner on the bottom. Make sure to keep the line very thin so it looks as though "the color is almost radiating from the darker liner itself," according to the style magazine. 

Stars like Claire Danes have also been applying the glowing color on their upper lids - just above the crease line. This achieves a halo concept and helps lighten up a typically darker smokey eye.

InStyle Magazine reports ladies can modernize this sassy style even further by creating a totally warm smokey eye rather than the black version. Simply switch out the charcoal eyeshadow for a shimmery bronze tone and replace the gold "halo making" color for a creamy white or light tan hue.

With either style, make sure to keep the rest of your cosmetics clean. A touch of pink blush on your cheeks and a nude or light pink/tangerine tinted lip gloss will be perfect. 

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