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Get the look of "Glee" this Halloween

Halloween is less than a week away and that means girls everywhere are trying to pull together their last-minute costumes. A great and fun idea for a group of girls to try is dressing up like the gorgeous ladies of "Glee." "Glee" is a great cast to emulate as there is someone for everyone and the looks are sure to turn heads down the halls of your high school or office come October 31. MSN Living recently spoke with the makeup artist of the show, so fans can learn how to look just like Rachel, Quinn and Mercedes in a flash.

All gleeks know that Rachel is more than just a pretty face, and the makeup artist made sure to let her natural glow shine through.

"I wanted to emphasize Lea Michele's natural beauty while complementing the quirky, clean-cut way Rachel Berry dresses," the makeup artist told the news source.

For the natural Rachel vibes, start by applying a raspberry-pink inspired blush on your cheeks that will help create a lovely rosy feeling. For the eyes, keep it simple by rocking a touch of shimmering gold eyeshadow on your top lids and swiping on a lighter cream color at the inner corners. Finish the style by rimming your eyes in thin black eyeliner and applying a few coats of volumizing mascara. Enhance your lips like Rachel wearing a light pink or clear gloss.

Rachel is known for her quirky almost 50s-inspired style, so for Halloween make sure to purchase a cute collared shirt dress and some sweet Mary Janes. Don't forget the bangs and thin headband.

Quinn is one of the prettiest actresses on "Glee," so the show's makeup artist makes sure to enhance her natural good looks, rather than use over-the-top products. The artist instead tries to give Quinn a glowing complexion, starting with the right foundation. Look for a product that works to hide any imperfections and has shimmer in it for a perfect glow. To keep the style going, use a metallic gold eyeshadow on your top lids and then swipe on a touch of Vaseline and rub it into the product to get the dewy feeling. Then rim your top lids in black eyeliner, pushing the color out thicker to your brow lines. Keep your lips simple wearing a warm light brown lipstick with a gloss finish.

The easiest way to transform into Quinn is to rock a high ponytail and her famous William McKinley High School cheerleader uniform from her early days on the squad.

Many characters on "Glee" may vie for the role of diva, however there is only one that truly shines in this position and her name is Mercedes. The show's makeup artist reports that behind the attitude is bold and beautiful makeup.

"Amber Riley has naturally great skin," the artist told MSN Living. "The secret to making her complexion glow is [using a face primer that] has bronze and orange undertones."

Since Mercedes is all about standing out, you'll need to be a bit daring with her makeup on Halloween. For the lips, try using a chocolate brown lipstick with gold or copper undertones in a matte finish. Enhance your cheeks wearing a bronzer that has orange undertones to brighten up your skin and boost your peepers by applying tons of lilac eyeshadow on top. Switch to a light brown hue from the crease lines to the brow lines for added dimension. Finish off the fab style by rimming your lids in black eyeliner and applying a few coats of mascara.

With Mercedes it's all about bling, so for her look try rocking a pair of skinny jeans and a black fitted top and accessorize with a fun fedora hat and big hoop earrings. 

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