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Get your brows to behave

Eyebrows can be one of the most annoying and difficult parts of your beauty regimen as it's hard to make them even, they grow back fast and one wrong pull from the tweezer can cause major problems. Although you may have a lot of pent up aggression toward your brows, Glamour Magazine is here to help make dealing with them much easier. The style experts recently spoke with eyebrow guru Suzie Moldavon to learn how to style your brows like a pro.

Start with symmetry

Moldavon reports the most important part of creating fabulous eyebrows is to make sure they are even. To achieve this, she suggests starting with a straight edge, such as a nail file, and placing it across the bridge of your nose, lining it up with the bottom of the front of each brow while looking in the mirror. Then ask, "Do they start in the same place on both sides?" "Is the nail file leaning higher in one spot?" Figuring out these questions will help to determine where changes need to be made. If you find a spot, Moldavon suggests fixing it by coloring the space in with an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil.

Pick a shape

Once you've addressed symmetry problems, you need to figure out if your arch is appropriate. To check this, Moldavon suggests using the nail file and placing it at the bottom front of the brow, going up to the arch. Use the pencil to fill in space above your straight edge. This should help to create the illusion of a perfect arch at the highest point of your brows, just outside the colored part of your eyes.

Smooth the middle

After you've created perfectly full and symmetrical brows, it's time to take a look at the middle, because no lady wants a uni-brow. However, you won't want to tweeze too much as it can make your eyebrows look short. Moldavon reports eyebrows should start straight up from the ball of your nose, use the nail file to see if yours start in the right spot, if not, tweeze the middle until they do.

When your eyebrows are camera-ready, it's time to have some fun by adding plenty of fun eye makeup on your peepers. InStyle Magazine reports using a bright hue like pink or tangerine is a great way to keep the focus on your eyes during the summer months. 

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