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Go as a modern vampire on Halloween

Halloween is literally one day away and although many ladies might have dressed up this past weekend, it may be fun to try some killer makeup on October 31 to show off your wild side. LC took it upon herself to help out ladies in need of a sassy and somewhat spooky makeup style on her blog, The Beauty Department. LC decided to transform a friend into a gorgeous and eerie vampire - a perfect look for dress-up day at the office or even for a night out with friends on the haunted day.

To achieve the gorgeous vamp look, you'll need to pick up certain products including black pencil eyeliner, lip gloss in clear or a red-wine style, a lip brush and gold cream or powder shadow. You will also need black liquid liner, red metallic liner, mascara and nude or light-toned blush.

Vampire-inspired lips
The main event in this style is the deep and mysterious lips, so there are a few steps involved to make the look perfect, LC reports. Start by outlining your lips in the black pencil eyeliner and then use the product to fill in your lips entirely. Next, apply the gloss using a lip brush in order to help blend the black areas in with the clear or red-wine tones.

Sassy eyes
After the lips are perfect, it's time to move on to the funky eye makeup, the beauty blog suggests. For this daring style, start by applying the gold shadow all over your top lids and into the crease lines using your finger. Tip: If you only have a powder gold shadow on hand, simply dip a brush in a bit of water and then into the gold for a similar effect as the cream version.

Once the gold is in place, grab the red liquid liner and apply it along your lash lines on top starting at the inner corners and moving outward. Extend the product past your brow lines and wing it up and out for a wild style. If you're not feeling red, switch it out for a dark purple or even a green eyeliner for an equally standout style. After the colored eyeliner is perfectly winged, grab the black liquid liner and draw a line below the red liner to help sharpen its effect and to make it more appealing. Add a few coats of mascara on your top and bottom lashes to finish off the fabulous and frightening eye makeup.

Complete the entire look by swirling the nude-toned blush over the apples of your cheeks to add a bit of freshness to the otherwise dark style.

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