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Go for winter glam this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and for many fashionistas this is a great time to show their families just how fabulous they are. From stunning oversized sweaters and leggings to gorgeous knee-high boots and sassy scarves, 'tis the season to be the center of attention. Ladies looking to spruce up their eye makeup needn't look any further than Cosmopolitan Magazine, as it broke down what's hot for holiday parties in 2012.

Deep lips
The wine-inspired lip trend seems to be here to stay, as the magazine reports dark, deep and bold lipstick is all the rage for parties this season. Girls looking to rock the vampire style should look for lip products in the burgundy family or even the deep purple realm - in either a matte or gloss finish.

Tip: the dark lips can really wash out the rest of your face, so it's important ladies looking to try this trend also rock pink or peach-toned blush to add a bit of life to their complexion.

Blue eyeliner
Nothing says "I'm here for a good time" quite like bold, cobalt blue eyeliner. Not only will this color make you stand out from your cousins and other relatives, but it is not so drastic that your Grandma will be shocked (in a bad way).

To avoid looking like a product of the 80s, rock this style in a modern way. Grab a blue pencil eyeliner and rim your eyes with it, then smudge it to help it act as eyeshadow as well. If this seems too dramatic for you, go for a lighter approach - line just the lower lash line with the product for a surprising pop of color.

Green eyeshadow
When you think of the color green, sassy eyeshadow may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, similar to the bright blue, rich green eyeshadow shades are actually all the rage, according to the publication.

Green is flattering for all skin tones and eye colors, which could be way it's making a name for itself in the beauty world. To rock the hue right, try swiping on a dark mossy green hue over your top eyelids and then accentuate it with shimmering gold shadow at the inner corners and a bit above the crease lines. This is sure to bring out your peepers and make you look like a lovely present as well.

Since the eyes are sure to be the focus of the look, try to be more neutral with the rest of your products. A light peach blush on your cheeks and pink lipstick with gold or peach undertones will be gorgeous. 

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