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Gray and pink: The perfect combo for your end-of-summer style

It's sad to say but soon ladies everywhere will have to say goodbye to the warm summer days. As August comes to an end, it will soon be time for funky boots and oversized sweaters. However, Glamour Magazine reports the best way to send off summer is with a stellar makeup look.

The news outlet reports British singer Mollie King recently stepped out wearing the perfect transitional makeup and ladies everywhere need to give it a try. King rocked a lovely mix of gray and pink for a subtle, yet stylish complexion.

Gray eyes

Forget black smoky eyes, as gray can be just as nice if not even more attractive altogether. To achieve a stunning gray style like King, start by picking up a few products. You'll need gray eyeliner, shimmering gray eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow and mascara.

Once you have the right tools, start the look by riming your eyes in the gray liner. Make the product a bit thicker on top and connect it to the lower portion by extending it out past the brow lines in both areas. Next, grab a makeup brush and start applying a few coats of the shimmering eyeshadow on your top lids up to the crease lines and then swipe on a touch of cream at the inner corners to give off a glow. Finish the look with tons of volumizing mascara.

Girlie cheeks

Now that you're seeing gray, it's time to bring on the pink. For this style, you'll want to enhance your cheeks without going overboard. For the right amount of product try a blush in a light pink hue. Since you'll want it to look ultra natural, look for a powder-based blush that will blend in and fade out a bit.

InStyle Magazine reports the best way to apply blush for a natural look is to swipe the product on over the apples of your cheeks, working upwards toward your temples.

Lovely lips

The key to finishing off this lovely late August style is perfectly pouty lips. Glamour reports King rocked an almost bubblegum pink hue on her lips for this look. Try on a few similar shades in your mirror before selecting one as your skin tone may not look right with the same hue she wore. Make sure to find a matte-style lipstick, as a glossy variety won't work with this sophisticated option. 

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