Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Green eyes pop with purple

Let's get real, green-eyed ladies have the best of both worlds - their eyes are light, but different than blue, and can change shades depending on what they're wearing. Lauren Conrad's style blog, The Beauty Department, recently highlighted what eyeshadow for green eyes works best to enhance this mystical color. According to the experts, purple is the way to go when green-eyed beauties want to rule the party.

Royal purple

This purple hue is perfect when you want to be dramatic. Make the style even sassier by using the color to create wild eye makeup. For example, apply eyeshadow in this shade all over your upper lids to the crease line. Then use a fine liner brush to spread it out past your brow lines to create a purple cat-eye. Finish off with a bold tangerine-tinted lip color to garner all the attention.

Lavender and violet oh my!

According to The Daily Mail, the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson rocked both violet and lavender eyeshadow together while attending the 2010 Tony Awards, at which she won an award. The Beauty Department reports she started by rimming her upper and lower lids with a darker violet color, which she also applied on her upper lids to the crease line. She then added major drama by using lavender colored eyeshadow above her creases and to her brow lines using a blending brush. You can try a similar look to wow the crowds.

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