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Honor your hazel eyes

Ladies with hazel eyes tend to have the best of both worlds - they can have green eyes on some days and darker brown peepers the very next day. Fashionistas with this luck of the draw may not feel like they need to change up their makeup routine in order to stand out, though creating even brighter greens or deeper browns is a plus, right? Allure Magazine recently broke down the top eye makeup for hazel eyes in order to help girls everywhere look their best.

Keep it fall-inspired
A makeup artist told the magazine that the key to helping the greens and the browns within hazel eyes shine is to reach for warm fall-like eyeshadow palettes.

"If you have hazel eyes, reach for rich, autumnal colors like browns, golds, and greens," the artist told the news source. "Play with the colors in your eyes that you want to bring out. You can't go wrong with the shimmering pans of dusky gold, rich chocolate, creamy bone, and forest green."

For a less dramatic daytime look, the makeup pro suggests using a green or brown shadow on your top lids to the crease lines and then adding gold or bone-toned shadow slightly above the crease lines and at the inner corners to brighten the eyes up.

Bring on the browns
Neutrals in the brown family are the perfect choice for ladies with hazel eyes. The warm hues work to enhance the richness of hazel and help pull out the specks of gold and green most hazel eyed beauties have. Browns can be used "for a soft luminous effect, or as a base for other colors," the makeup artist told the magazine.

Keep with brown even more by switching out your dark black eyeliner in exchange for a softer, chocolate option. This won't be as bold as black, but it will offer ladies a fun way to change up their go-to looks.

Glam it up with gold
If you're looking for a bit more funk to enhance your hazel peepers, look no further than bold metallic gold and bronze eyeshadows. For this style dab on a bit of the gold color in the corners of your eyes and directly on the middle of your top lids to act as highlighters. You could also sweep the darker bronze hue on your top lids to the crease lines and then switch to the metallic gold from there to the brow lines for a look that's perfect for a fun night out. 

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