Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
How do I know my face shape?

If you've read anything about makeup application, you've probably run into the phrase "face shape." A lot of advice on how to apply makeup relies on the different face shapes of individuals. While no two women look exactly alike, we all have face shapes that fit into one of four categories - circle, oval, heart or square. There are ways to determine which face shape you have so you can apply blush and other colors from your makeup palette expertly.

What do the shapes look like?

Of course, no face is actually shaped like a heart or a square. However, faces somewhat resemble these shapes because of their angles and the measurements of certain areas, according to

Oval faces are the widest at the cheekbones and narrower at the chin and forehead. Oval faces have balanced proportions overall.

Square faces are generally as long as they are wide, with a strong jawline and a square chin.

Round faces are also relatively equal in length and width, but they have soft curves in the chin, jawline and cheeks instead of the angles of a square face.

Heart faces are widest at the forehead with very narrow, pointy chins. High cheekbones and a narrow jawline also characterize this face shape.

Trick 1: Draw it

You don't have to be an artist to figure out the shape of your face from drawing. recommends taking a dry erase marker and look straight into the mirror. Use the marker to outline your face on the mirror. When you step away, you should be able to see some semblance of a shape. Clean up is easy!

Trick 2: Measure it

If you're having trouble determining which section of your face is widest just from looking, measuring might be a good option for you. Take measuring tape, a pen and paper and start by measuring the distance from one cheekbone to the other, then write it down. Then measure your jawline (from near your ear to your chin) and multiply it by two. Finally, measure your forehead width-wise and your entire face lengthwise.

Having hard numbers may help you better see which features are more prominent (bigger numbers mean more prominent features!)

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