Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
How to avoid the worst smokey eye mistakes

The smokey eye is a timeless eyeshadow technique to ensure your stare is fierce. This eye makeup look is classically done in eyeshadow palettes of black or gray, but is versatile enough to be worn with almost any color - granted you do not commit any of the worst smokey eye faux pas.

This style makes it easy to get a super sultry look with just a flick of your blending brush, but you can go wrong. Here are the eyeshadow tips you need to rock this style with class.

Always use more than one shade

An effective smokey eye, whether it's black, bronze or even purple, should have at least three shades in it. Using a professional makeup palette like the 120 eyeshadow palette is ideal, since it contains at least three shades of one color, making blending, shadowing and highlighting your smokey eye easy. Always make sure to blend your shadow so it gets lighter the further it is from your lashline.

Use eyeliner - but not just eyeliner

Eyeliner is crucial to any smokey eye look, but it cannot stand alone as a smokey eye. Lining your entire eye with black pencil, but not adding shadow or any smudging, will leave your eye makeup looking incomplete. You can create a smokey look with just liner, but make sure to smudge the lines with a Q-tip or makeup sponge.

Don't clash with other makeup looks

If you are wearing a smokey eye in a color other than black or gray, make sure the rest of your makeup palette matches or complements it. It is generally a good idea to wear a natural looking lip color when you have a smokey eye, but you can break this rule as long as you don't let one trend overpower the other. 

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